5 Ways To Market Your New Business Without Breaking The Bank

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By : Brittany Thorley

new_bizPromoting your products or services is fundamental to the success and growth of your new business.  However, the huge fees charged by many public relations and marketing specialists often mean professional help is out of reach during these early start-up stages.

We explore five ways that you can cut your costs and promote your new business using budget-friendly and creative marketing channels

Become the industry expert …

When it comes to promoting your brand, your customers want assurance that they are investing in the best product or service of your business. Positioning yourself as an industry expert will certainly get your business noticed for all the right reasons. You can promote yourself as an industry expert both online and offline.

Make your knowledge and expertise known in the relevant online circles through outreach work. Many high profile websites offer regular guest posting spots, allowing you to share your experiences with fellow industry experts and customers in your target market. Offline, you can also contribute to industry specific publications and offer your expertise to journalists for use as media commentary.

Both online and offline outreach work will help you promote your own expertise and your wider brand.  You will also build the relationships that will keep your business in good stead in the short and long term.

Get your story out there …

There are a number of industry specific awards and events celebrating startup initiatives, so why not venture into one of these?  Being shortlisted, or even winning an award, is excellent public relations for your company.  And best of all, it’s free!

social_mediaLaunch giveaways and contests …

Giveaways and contents, both online and offline, are an excellent and cost effective ways of getting your products or services noticed. These giveaways do not have to offer expensive rewards for entrants, even the smallest sample can generate great advertising for your business. However, be cautious when choosing channels for these giveaways.  Where and how you choose to advertise these giveaways and contests will determine your overall reach and the success of your campaign.

In addition to this, send samples to market influencers, such as bloggers, serial social media players, industry publications or fellow business owners. Networking is a great way to get to know your market and showcase your business at its best; so use sampling to open these doors.

Reward loyal customers

Word of mouth is perhaps the most important asset a startup business can have, especially during the early stages. Why not set up a referral scheme to reward existing customers and attract new consumers to your business? However, beware of offering huge discounts as these can be very damaging to profit margins.

Create a buzz in your social circles …

Social media has become an instrumental way of promoting your business effectively without breaking the bank. Set up your business profiles on all the social networking favourites.  One of your main priorites should be updating these social networks with original, engaging and exciting contents about your product updates. Interact with both influencers and consumers to showcase your customer service and promote your brand further.


This post was written by Brittany Thorley.  Britanny regularly blogs across the web to help startup businesses streamline their promotional prowess whatever their budget. She works for marketing, advertising and PR agency, Think Big Comms.


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