6 Ways To Engage Customers To Your Small Business

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By : Jane Taylor


customers1When you run a business you always have competitors. That also means your customer base has an array of choices. You can be successful only by retaining your clients with you. Engaging the clients to you and your business is the most effective way of retaining them. Here are some tips that will help you to engage your customers :


1) Keep the customers connected

If you become out of sight, it is possible that you will be out of their minds too. So it is very important to keep them reminded of you. There are various types of social media available that can help you to be always connected with your targeted audience. In addition to emails, monthly newsletters or text messages can be used.


2) Appreciate your customers

Your being appreciative of your customers will be a good way of conveying the message that you do recognize them and appreciate their transactions. You can show your acknowledging them or appreciating them by introducing some loyalty scheme or offering special discounts.  A thank you letter or a phone call also can make a tremendous effect on the customers as well. They will be encouraged to return to you if you show your appreciation.


3) Give access to your business profile and current events

For the customers who are interested in knowing how your business functions, let them have an inside view. It will be interesting for them to know how things take place and it will keep them bonded with your business.


4) Add something extra Free

While you offer great customer service, you can also extend your service by offering something extra. Maybe you can add some complimentary items for certain merchandise. Or it could be a free sample of a product. All customers like to get free items and this scheme will really impress them. It may seem like you are losing when you offer free products, but in the long run, it can be a great form of advertising for you.


5) Find a marketer

Being a small-scale businessman, maybe it is difficult to hire a top-end advertising company.  But it should not stop you in finding ways to expand your customer base. Find a qualified marketer who can do the advertising for you. It could be someone who is starting his career and want to try the waters of advertising. It would be a great opportunity for this marketing person to start his career; and while in the process, you will be benefited as well.


6) Exceed the customer’s expectations

While your competitors are trying to meet the expectations of the customers, you can target to exceed their expectations. Even before the customer asks, try to offer and keep the possible information they want available to them. Observe the behavior of the customers and find out how their shopping experience can be made more pleasant and easy.


It is also a good idea to go through customer surveys to find out what the customer wants and how the customers think. This is a great chance to step in their shoes.  When you fine-tune your customer service, your clientele will be very pleased that they will share their good experiences about your business with the other customers.  Still, the word of mouth is said to be the most effective form of advertising.



This article was written by Jane Taylor.  Jane is an experienced industrialist and a management consultant who is qualified in providing business development consultancy services. Additionally, she loves writing articles about similar category. Follow her on twitter.


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