Basic Tactics To Improve Business Productivity

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By : Andrea Hudson

productivityIn today’s competitive business world, the best way to run a business is to implement some basic tactics on how to do more with fewer resources. As observed in the long run, successful companies are those that have the best results from limited resources and get the most productivity from every worker. If your business needs improving, the first thing you need to do is to identify your weak links. Once you remove or correct them, you can go forward.

Be aware that, at all times, you need to implement different effective strategies to boost your business production and adopt ones that work the best.

Gratify Your Clients

The most important thing is to be aware that your clients are your most important asset. Whether they are old or new, you need to be on top of their needs at all times to make sure they are satisfied. When your clients are satisfied, your business will gain reputation; therefore, business productivity will be over the roof.

Here are some basic rules to keep your clients gratified:

1) Always reply to clients’ emails.

2) Collect feedback from your clients to avoid unnecessary disputes. Further, feedback will also help you to improve the quality of your products and services.

3) Bear in mind that a client is always right. When it appears they are not, try to explain calmly that they have better options. 

business productivityEmpower Your Employees

An amazing thing for job productivity is equipping your employees with the rightful authority they need for their assigned task. When the office employees are given the flexibility to solve customer problems, for example, their office managers are given more time and space to do the more important tasks such as planning, training and organizing.

Renovate Your Office  

Company’s productivity will flourish with good novelties introduced into the office. One of them is certainly office space remodeling which include office renovation, makeover and redecoration.  You can always hire commercial builders and ask for their space ideas.

When workers spend a lot of time in the same office space, it becomes their most hated place in the world, no matter how much they love their jobs. People react good to change; thus, an innovative office makeover is a welcome approach to business productivity.   You may want to change your office design and have it suitably re-modeled to fit your new business policy.

Have Flexible Work Schedules

office_trendsSchedules are needed for tasks to be completed. Still, if you and your employees stick to one and the same schedule regardless of the company needs and/or employee job functions, it can bring down the overall company morale and lower productivity. Hence, work out a schedule that would be good for both you and your colleagues. Show interest in what they would like and try to fulfill their requests. If you have a happy worker, you’ll have a productive business.

Filter Internet Accessibility

We all love the Internet, it’s true. It helps information circulate and aids in a bunch of other stuff. Yet, there is a downside to the unlimited Internet access in the office … it occupies so much of our time and energy. More often than not, employees spend more time on Facebook and other social networks than doing their office tasks.  The solution is limiting internet accessibility and blocking non-work related sites for selected hours of the working day. You may opt not to be too strict and let your employees have their chill time too.

Use Online Communication Tools

If you want to grow your business, you need to be in the touch with technology and online communication tools. It is very likely that your employees use most of them already; thus, it is best to provide your workers with the right online tools that will enhance their productivity in such a way. Have you ever thought of installing a work-friendly instant messaging program application that allows employees to communicate with one another online without wasting time with desk/office visits and missed/busy telephone connections?  You can also utilize the calendar features of an email program to schedule meetings easier, faster, and more productive. These and other similar online communication tools will help you enhance productivity and cut your business costs.


Andrea Hudson is a business coach and a part time writer interested in topics related to business productivity and marketing. She enjoys seeing her readers getting useful information from her articles. 


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