Bookkeeper – Friend or Foe?

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By : Dan Radak

Bookkeeper1At first, starting your own company might seem like a brilliant idea, and the only question that will come to your mind is “why did not I do this earlier?” You are your own boss, you are in charge of everything and you make all the decisions. That consequently makes you feel like you have finally accomplished something in your life, at least, when it comes to your career. However, once you start doing some serious business, you will realize that not everything will go so smoothly, and that, such position comes with many responsibilities. Especially when it comes to dealing with the finances of your company, you will need to hire a professional to help you.

Should I Trust Another Person With My Accounts?

This is the main question that all business owners ask themselves before even considering interviewing potential bookkeepers. The fact is that you are working to make some profit; thus, hiring a wrong person to take care of your money can make you feel anxious and constantly think if that person is trying to con you. Because those things do happen, you should always hire someone with good recommendations. Make sure to contact his former employers yourself to ask for references. If you get a positive feedback, then you can relax and let that person do his job. However, you can always go through basic bookkeeping training so that you could roughly check if everything is in order from time to time.

Do I Really Need Someone Else for This Job?

Bookkeeper2When you start with the use online bookkeeping tools and then you decide to hire a qualified bookkeeper, you will realize that what you did was not as good as what your bookkeeper is doing now.  Bookkeeping skills can not just be done by any amateur after you google “How to book keep?”. There is a reason why there is school and special training for this exclusive job. Since you will have enough things on your mind as it is, this person will be your right arm and become one of the most important employees in your company.

What Are The Benefits of Professional Bookkeeper?

There is a myth told among business circles, that by hiring a bookkeeper you lose control over a big part of your company. This is the biggest misconception because you, as an owner, will still be in charge, and manage everything.  The bookkeeper is there just to keep track of your records  properly. Soon after you hire a person for this job, in just a few months, you will see that your business is more profitable, as well as efficient. He will send you accurate reports of your business activity, that will help you make the right decision much easier. Also, having one less thing on your mind will leave you with enough time to think about other business-related issues. You can be able to concentrate more on establishing your name in the business world.

To sum up, the most important thing when hiring someone to take care of your company accounts is that you trust that person. Always check his references, get feedback from his previous employers.  Most importantly, you need to get to know him yourself to ensure that your partnership will be a good one and your business running smoothly.


Dan Radak, the author of this article, is VPS and Hosting security specialist who is currently employed as a consultant in a couple of e-commerce companies. Lately, he is interested in accounting and bookkeeping.  In his free time he likes to play with his dogs. You can reach him on Twitter



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