Finance Jobs : Is It All About Financial Skills?

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By : Swati Srivastava

Finance_Jobs“NO”. This is what you will hear from the industry experts. The aspiring finance professionals seek to read and understand every possible thing to excel in their jobs. However, they miss on one important point. Finance job is not only about financial skills!

To get ahead in your finance career, here are the top non-financial skills that every job seeker should possess. Check the top 6 non-financial skills and get ready to land in the corporate world of finance professionals:

1. Communication Skills

Finance job is not only about being quick at crunching numbers. Excellent communication skill is an important requirement to excel in your career. Strong speaking, presentation, and writing skills are imperative to build effective business relationships for financial advisors. This non-financial skill plays a crucial role in conveying complex information to investors or board members in a clear manner. 

2. Tech Savvy

Whatever the industry, job role or place of job, you need to possess the basic knowledge of computer hardware and software to work efficiently. Moreover, the better you understand functions, programs, keys, and shortcuts in Excel, the better will be your performance in finance or accounting job. The additional knowledge of relevant communication or marketing software tools acts as a brownie point in your job. 

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem solving is one of the most important non-financial skills needed in a finance job. In any job, taking decisions and finding solutions to problems makes you a team player. Hence, develop the analytical skills to find solutions to a problem instead of complaining. In a highly responsible job role in finance, this trait proves helpful in escalating your career to new heights. 

4. People Skills

productivity2People management skill holds high importance in today’s competitive world. Understanding others’ point of view, personality types, and requirements is at times more important than understanding numbers. After all, you have to work with people; hence, building relationships is vital for your professional growth. People management skill helps you to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and counsel others to improve personal and business relationships. Moreover, this trait is mandatory to work with people at different levels : co-workers, subordinates, bosses, clients, etc. 

5. Organizational Skills

Can you really succeed without having the ability to manage your work? Absolutely not! When working on big projects, huge data and people, if you lack the ability to pay attention to every detail and organize everything- budget, time, people, information, etc., you will find yourself in a state of complete mess. Hence, this non-financial skill makes it much easier for you to manage your financial projects. 

6.  Marketing and Sales Skills

You must be thinking of what sales and marketing skills have to do with finance jobs! According to experts, financial professionals must possess the ability to market their knowledge and professional skills to the clients in their niche market. Marketing skill includes the ability to understand your client’s requirements and your strengths to cater to their needs. In finance jobs, such as financial advisor, this trait plays a crucial role where your clients rely on you for helping them manage their finances and provide long-term benefits.

A perfect blend of your financial skills (the ability to crunch numbers) and the mentioned non-financial skills offers a platform to jump-start a rewarding career in finance.


Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest on the extensive domain of job search and career counselling. Currently associated with, her articles are published on several reputed career sites. Follow her @TwitterILinkedInIGoogle+.


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