Five Effective Ways To Utilize Your Internet Marketing Budget

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By : Nicole Mark

internet_mktgSmall business owners have struggled to keep up with the marketing techniques that were often used in the past as the economy has really hurt many of these companies. If you find yourself struggling with a tighter budget, you might wonder what you can do to market on a lower budget. Marketing must be done in the right way to help you gain plenty of exposure and truly boost sales for your business. Use these five tips to effectively utilize your marketing expenses, while still gaining plenty of visibility.

Sell an eBook

Do you have a strong hold on your market? A great way to gain some publicity, and new customers, is by creating an eBook. Offer insightful tips to your customers that are new, and will get them talking. Some companies choose to sell their eBook for a profit while others will sell them for free when a person signs up for a newsletter. It is a good idea to look at how an eBook can benefit your business, and determine how to publish it so you can make a decent profit or generate some quality new leads.

Video Marketing

The world of video marketing has really exploded, and it has given small businesses a new market. Thanks to “How To” videos, many customers are able to perform certain services on their own, but they still favor the companies that taught them how to make the repairs and other things needed. The goal is to give the customer a video that is valuable or helpful to them in some way. Whiteboard animation is a great way to create a video for your customers if you need to teach a concept, or you would like to launch a new product. The videos should always have a message about your company, and they should offer a link back to your website to gain new traffic. Add the right SEO enhancements to your video so it will start to appear in the search engine directories. The other benefit to videos is that you can use them when training new employees. They work great as they save you a lot of time and money for training needs, and they are free to create! internet_mktg1


To find new customers, take a look at content marketing strategies. You need to look at other blog owners that have a particular interest in the products you promote. They can help you gain exposure to a new audience. The goal is to create a guest blog post that is engaging and informative to inspire the customers to link back to your website. As long as you create high-quality, original content, you will easily gain favor with the search engines.

Customer Surveys

Ask your customers what marketing promotions they currently like and which ones are ignored. This can help you to spend more time focusing on these promotions to gain attention. Certain promotional offers are free to create like a mobile marketing coupon with Google Places and Facebook. Social media accounts have a lot of power, and they are free to create. They will go a long way towards helping you boost your website ranking, and capturing attention from a new audience.

Social Media

Have you taken the time to create social media accounts? There are several different options you can create for free. Customers love the check-in features as they can usually get some discounts which they will also like to share with others. Social media will allow you to put up some great promotions that can bring in a lot of business within a few hours. It is important to focus on remaining active with social media accounts to keep your customers engaged in what you have to say.

Keeping your marketing budget under control will prevent you from spending too much money on promotions that no longer work. Marketing does require patience and you must be diligent in working on it often to keep your website ranking higher and to keep your customers interested and engaged.


This article was written by Nicole Mark. Nicole specializes in helping businesses develop better websites by focusing on high quality design, content and branding. Connect on Facebook to learn more about promoting your small business for a lower cost.


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