Four Reasons Why Becoming An Entrepreneur Is The Right Option

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By : Ashley Albert

entrepreneur_1We all pursue a top-quality education to earn good money. Indeed, the mindset behind most individuals who pursue a college degree is to get good grades and, upon graduation, a good job. In fact, the level of success of individuals in today’s economy is usually judged by their salary and their success as a professional. A person’s successful transition from academic life to professional life is usually defined by the acquisition of a good job.

However, while the trend has always been to work for lucrative companies, this trend has changed in the last few years; and the concept of “entrepreneurship” has become more prevalent as a positive career alternative – as demonstrated by the many conferences, courses, seminars, and symposiums dedicated to encouraging motivated professionals to invest their time and energy in business start-ups. Entrepreneurs create jobs; they provide employment when opportunities are scarce, and can help strengthen a sagging economy – at least locally.

But why should a person opt to be an entrepreneur? Here are four basic reasons which can help you decide ifbecoming an entrepreneur is the right move for you.

Only you are accountable for your behaviour

Some people are not fit for a corporate environment. They cannot abide by the monotonous 9 to 5 routine. As an entrepreneur, you set your own rules. You aren’t supervised by anyone, nor is your attitude or punctuality judged by another person. Your stakes are in your business, and you alone are accountable for your actions and decisions – and their consequences. This isn’t the era where you work for 20 or 30 years for a company — merely to receive a check at the end of each month. All the hard work you put into your own business will eventually pay dividends by supporting you during your retirement, enabling you to live the life you choose.

Unbound by time and money restrictions

entrepreneur_3As an entrepreneur, you alone are the risk taker. You can choose to take a day off when you feel the market is going to be low and, instead, spend quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, everything works at your discretion. You can choose to invest more capital and expand, or you may carry on with your monthly cash flow. You are bound only by your own aspirations and motivation.

Choose your customer base yourself

Being an entrepreneur gives you the liberty to choose your target-market yourself. You can tailor your business to appeal to the millions of people who are online worldwide – or the few hundred that reside in your locality. Also, you don’t have to restrict yourself to going to the same old office daily; you can market your business in the country of your choice — becoming, overnight, a worldwide entrepreneur, cashing in on the incredible possibilities of the online marketplace.

Make a mark, leave a legacy

Perhaps the best thing about becoming an entrepreneur is that it is the only sure way you can build a legacy that will stand as a lifelong testament to you. A good business earns you a good name: a name that will testify to your character and integrity — and, hopefully, earn you exponential growth in both reputation and revenue that will last a lifetime.


Ashley Albert, is the esteemed author of this blog post who is a business graduate from an Ivy League college and runs her own firm. Essay Writing Service is privileged to receive her accounts on entrepreneurship. You can also follow her at different social networks like Facebook, G+ and Twitter.



  • Albert Barkley

    Entrepreneurship is a right option to adopt because it is a type of business that is started in short investment for long term benefits. So people who are eager to start their own business, it is most suitable for them.

  • You make major decisions and choices that decide the achievement or disappointment of your business. No one else will hinder your vision.

  • The article you shared here is countless. I really like and appreciate your effort.

  • Let me add that there are a host of reasons why individuals choose to become entrepreneurs over the more traditional route of becoming employees. Only you can decide the life that’s right for you, but with the uncertainty of entrepreneurship also comes tremendous freedom and accountability.

  • Let me add that your stakes are in your business and only you are responsible for your activities and choices – and their outcomes. This isn’t the period where you work for 20 or 30 years for an organization simply to get a check toward the finish of every month. All the diligent work you put into your own business will in the long run pay profits by supporting you amid your retirement, empowering you to carry on with the life you pick.

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