How To Be A Good Business Leader

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By : Siobhan McBride leader

Many people believe they could be a leader – but when it comes down to actually getting things done, they would rather stand back and let someone else do it for them. This is the main difference between being a leader and a follower. Many people aspire to be leaders and think like leaders; but the true leader will implement their ideas and get on with things.

Not all can be leaders.  Yet, some people possess unique qualities which enable them to motivate others. Being a good leader is all about motivating your staff and giving them a clear direction so that you are all working towards the same goals.

Essentially, leadership requires you to have the confidence to delegate work, to ensure that your team have direction and that results are achieved. At the forefront of leadership, communication is vital. As a good leader, it is critical that you have the ability to communicate clearly and send out the right messages to your staff. Otherwise, your staff would not know what their focus is and will not produce the work that is required.  Your staff should have the structure they need in order to carry out tasks.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that the work gets done efficiently and effectively.

A good leader is one that is passionate, energized and confident. If you believe in what you are telling your staff, then they are more likely to agree and follow your ideas and suggestions. By speaking with authority without being hesitant, this will enable you to speak your thoughts clearly and with clarity.

teamBeing a good leader requires you to recognize your employee’s strengths and qualities. This leads to trust and loyalty between your team members and yourself. Praise staff on the spot whenever they have done a good job as this is more poignant than leaving it until afterwards. People need certification and they want to be recognized for their positions.  As a good leader, it is best to know when to give praise and criticism.

Have an open door policy and encourage creativity within your team. Create a relationship with your staff whereby you can share ideas and think outside the box. As a leader, you need to be able to identify the strengths within the team and allow your staff to grow and develop within their role.  It is not your role as a leader to take on all of the tasks.  You need to delegate work according to the strengths and weaknesses of your staff and be able to utilize these. Allow your staff to feel a part of the decision making process and do not let your pride get in the way.

It is important to have a positive atmosphere in the office but there should be fine balance between playfulness and productivity. By having fun and being relaxed in the workplace, you can boost morale as well as productivity. If you get along with your staff and they enjoy working for the company, they are more likely to oblige if you need them to carry out some tasks that need extra hours of work.

Encourage your team to integrate better and get to know one another. For instance, do not just insist on silence within the workplace to get work done as this is not realistic. When your team gets to know each other, they can share their ideas and overcome any shyness.  Think about an appropriate team building event for your staff and encourage everyone to participate and get on board. Creating an action-packed fun day or an employee awards event can be an effective morale booster.


This article was written by Siobhan McBride who writes on a range of financial related topics.  She recommends Conference Care who provides a range of event management services including the creation of team building events.


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