How To Make The Most Out Of Your Travel Finances

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By : John J. Stone

travel_3Even setting up a budget for your holiday trip can be an exciting beginning of your adventure. Well maybe, it’s more interesting than exciting and nevertheless an extremely important part. Some people simply like to pack their bags, bring a Visa card and go crazy. This might sound fun to some, but being a responsible adult has its perks and its disadvantages. It also means that you have to arrange your funds in an appropriate manner. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on your trip! In fact, here is how you can make the most out of your travel finances.

Sticking to the Plan

Since I’m about to present you my master plan for long distance travels, the very first thing that we should move out of the way is inconsistency. The one and only thing that can get between you and honoring your budget is you yourself. Don’t succumb to wastefulness and acquire all the pretty things and souvenirs that you can purchase just so that you can show off to your friends and family. Instead, focus on spending some high quality time on your trip. There are a lot of ways that you can have fun and indulge your adventurous spirit without spending a lot of money and breaking your limits. The very first way is:

Breaking the Path

Instead of simply purchasing an airplane ticket to a certain destination, you can always break down your path to more, shorter travel destinations. All the major cities and sights along the way can be your stops. For example if you are traveling from Melbourne to Brisbane, it would be a shame for you to miss out on Sydney. Don’t be afraid to take a bus, a train, a boat if you have the opportunity to travel by sea. In that way you will make your trip more exciting, and more budget friendly. Here is a great article on how to travel even if you are completely broke. So keep in mind the following:

travel_1 More destinations + less money = a great bargain

Having Precise Estimations

One great thing that the internet can get you are exact prices of your expenses. Even if you are looking for a hostel or a studio apartment, all chances are that you will find their offer online with all the necessary details included. Certain websites and apps even offer insights on great vacation deals, and your budget will absolutely be grateful that you’ve took the time and researched your travel plan thoroughly. Try using Travel Pay, for example, for a fixed exchange rate and interest-free payments. If you are visiting Trip Advisor or any other website such as that one is, don’t skip the comment sections. Maybe there are some hidden fees that you are not aware of. For example, some hotels still charge for their wi-fi connection.

Having a Safety Web

Bringing along a certain amount of cash for the case of an emergency, or putting some extra funds on your visa card, is definitely a smart decision. However, those funds can quickly turn to – ‘I was drunk at a party and bought a giant sombrero’ funds. Worrying about money when you are trying to relax might be exhausting, so one thing that you can possibly try to do is invest in a safe locker in your hotel room and keep all the funds safely hidden from yourself. Either that or find a good hiding place, but in any case don’t leave your hotel room with all of your cash on you. Worst case scenario – you get mugged. Best case scenario – the drunk you ends up stealing from the sober you.

Splitting the Cost

travel_2The very last thing is definitely something that most of us don’t like doing, but sometimes it is necessary if you are devoted on keeping your funds limited but don’t care much about hitchhiking and breaking your travel path in shorter routes. Traveling in groups! Every tourist agency has those organized trips that make us all feel like third graders, but even that sort of adventure can sometimes be fun. The trick is to find a group of friends, the more the merrier, and then you can all have a vacation together. Sightseeing with a bunch of unknowns and listening to repetitive speeches from a touristic guide is simply not my idea of having fun. However, this option might be more appropriate for families.

If you have some suggestions, please share them. I would love to find out how people travel long distances on limited funds since I am an adventurous person myself, but I’m also striving to be a responsible adult. Till the next time, and your next holidays – have fun everybody!


John J. Stone spent a better part of his life working as a business consultant. Through years of experience, he became a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur. He is a regular contributor at Bizzmarkblog.


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