How To Overcome The Seven Common Freelancing Blunders

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By : Doris A. Palmer

freelancer_1Freelancing has become a popular career choice for people who are having a difficult time deciding what to do with their skills. However, because freelancing is highly competitive, it is an insecure profession in which it is almost impossible to find job security – which might deter people from considering freelancing as a career alternative. Unfortunately, most people find it daunting to try their hand at a freelancing career – but it isn’t because of their skills. There are always employers who are looking for your specific skills and are willing to pay for them; but without knowing it, you can derail your career even before it begins. There are seven common blunders that prospective freelancers should be aware of and strive to overcome :

1. Disorganization 

Working as a freelancer means that you will be exposed to many different people over the course of your career. There might also be a time when you will be working for several employers at once. It is in these times that it is vital to be organized.

If you have a hard time getting organized, you should try a few applications available for people who tend to struggle with this problem. For example, FreshBooks may help reduce your stress by streamlining the invoice process; and if you are having problems with time-management, TeuxDeux or RescueTime may help you increase your productivity. These and other apps will help you work efficiently by reducing your stress and disorganization.

2. Stressing Out 

Stress can push freelancers to the point where quitting – and returning to a more conventional job – seems like the only alternative. If you are suffering from stress, then you can also look for apps to help you manage your stress levels. You have to accept the fact that the competition is plentiful and fierce. But, you can push through if you try hard enough and believe in yourself. It’s not impossible!

3. Not blending into the crowd 

As a freelancer, you will be working in an environment that is very different than working in a company for a manager or supervisor. If you are unable to market your skills efficiently, you may not have a long and happy career as a freelancer.

In order to survive in this environment, you will have to develop a unique character: you will have to show employers why they are the right person for the job. You should be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. But how do you do this? A useful site that offers aspiring freelancers a very efficient way to sculpt an image of themselves is Bidsketch. According to its website, “Bidsketch is proposal software that helps you close deals in minutes. So you can focus on what matters: your work.” By presenting a professional image of yourself, you will impress prospective employers. You will stand out from the crowd, and not be lost in it.

4. Putting the wrong rates and scales 

Freelancers should be able to accurately estimate the minimum rate they will charge for a given project, and they should be able to accurately judge completion dates – both of which are crucial for employers. As a freelancer, if you estimate time and rates incorrectly, you will be losing money.

freelancer_2It is fairly simple to estimate an hourly rate. Calculate all expenses that are directly involved with the job (electricity, Internet, rent, etc). After these expenses are calculated, estimate the amount of time you will spend on the work, and divide that time by the average cost per hour. Make certain that your rates are reasonable – not too expensive, but not too cheap. Remember, you want to present an image of yourself that is ethical as well as professional.

5. Inability to cover costs 

Experienced freelancers will tell you that it is important to cover costs if you intend to make money. When beginning a freelancing career, it is important that you manage your expenses well. Doing so could determine your future success – or failure.

To manage your expenses, you can use an application like Expensify. This app allows you to take pictures of receipts using your phone; it then compiles the receipts into a report that can be reviewed at the end of the month. If you are looking for a more straightforward approach to managing your expenses, try inDinero. This app links to your bank account. It reports your finances and predicts future spending.

6. Resisting change 

By choosing a freelancing career, you will constantly be exposed to change. You have to adapt to the consumers’ demands and keep up with current trends. The online world is ever-changing – and those who can’t keep up are usually the ones who don’t make it.

7. Finding too few friends 

Freelancing is a lonely and isolated career option. While having an online portfolio may expose you to thousands of people, you may endure months without any contact from potential employers or peers. However, sites like Deskcamping or Desks near Me allow freelancers to co-work and interact with peers who have similar interests – professional and personal. Friends are an essential part of the freelancer’s life, making it a little less lonely and possibly a little more lucrative – especially if those friends have contacts to employers who are looking for a person with your specific skills.


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