Management Practices That Can Improve Employee Productivity

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By : Andrea Hudson

productivity2People are the biggest and the greatest asset of any company. Machines, software, technology and everything else are just tools in the hands of the people that work and operate them. Therefore, it is extremely important that the people operating these tools and those that are providing services are inspired and enticed to give their best. In that manner, these people will be productive; thus, enabling the company to operate well. In other words, the company productivity is heavily rooted from happy and satisfied employees. Hence, management needs to do all it can to inspire that productivity.

Decisions and Feedback

People like to be heard. That is the way for them to feel respected, to know that their work is valued and to learn that their opinion is appreciated. The decision making process is hard on its own. In order to reach the right and the best possible decision, it is always good to have as much information as possible so to be able to look at the problem from many sides. The best and the most reliable information about work and processes can be obtained from your employees who work hands-on for the company. While it is important to have them included in the decision making process, it is also vital to make sure that your employees receive feedback about their work. Without giving them insights about their work performance will cause their work habits and attitudes to become lifeless and automated. That is definitely not the state in which you want your employees to be.

Training and Advancement

Nobody likes to be stuck in a dead-end job. While people like security and safety, they also like to have the possibility for advancement and obtaining new skills. Setting out a clear path toward promotion, bonuses and incentives for your employees will keep them active and motivated. Let them know what needs to be done and what will enable them to advance within the company so they will do whatever is necessary for their career growth. You can also provide them seminars and trainings that will help them obtain new skills. That will give your employees the feeling of accomplishment which is essential for their motivation.

workRespect and Closeness

Being close with employees does not mean that you need to invite them  to birthday parties nor visit them at home. It simply means that you need to get to know the people you work with, respect them and treat them like human beings. It is much better, more pleasant and more effective to work with people whom you know and respect. Have rules about sick days and paid time off, but make sure to offer an extra day or two if you know that they have some difficulties and would be more efficient if they just had a day of rest. Employees will have the feeling of belonging to the company which makes them more motivated to work efficiently.

Working Conditions and Environment

People are affected by the environment, sometimes more than they are aware of. Dull offices, uncomfortable chairs and desks, bad lighting and other downsides of the office life will reduce people’s motivation to work. If your employees start to think of always going home or leaving your uncomfortable office, that is not good motivation. Make sure that all your office furniture are ergonomic.  You may also consider putting modern rugs in the offices. These improvements will give the office a touch of home, make it more comfortable and pleasant, and break off the dull office environment.

Teamwork and Good Relations

Having good and professional employee relations within your company is another very important factor that will motivate them. Although this is rather difficult to monitor, it is definitely worth the effort. You cannot expect an effective working process and environment if employees have issues in communicating and collaborating with each other. Therefore, promote teamwork, good office relations and positive attitude within the company so you will have great and motivated workers on your side.


Andrea Hudson is a business coach and a part time writer interested in topics related to business productivity and marketing. She enjoys seeing her readers getting useful information from her articles.


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