Nitty-Gritties In Setting Up Your First Office

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office_trendsAnyone that has worked in or set up an office has struggled with knowing just what they need to have. Some are fortunate enough to work at a company where their supplies are provided, but others are not so lucky.  If you have no time setting up your office, then odds are that you might wind up facing a dilemma—your business is set up, but your office isn’t. That situation only results in poor internal and external communication, confusion and can eventually lead you to give up on the business.

Don’t let something like an ill-prepared office space kill your enterprise. There are certain office supplies that everyone uses regardless of the industry, and just a few are outlined below.

The Basics

Basic items like pencils, pens, a stapler and scissors almost seem so basic as to not merit mention. But you’d be surprised how often these things get overlooked. Fortunately, these are a simple fix—you can pick these things up pretty much anywhere.

If you’re setting your office up from the carpet up, just remember that things disappear much faster than you might imagine. For example, if you prefer writing longhand, you’ll be surprised how quickly you run through pencils or pens and notebooks. If you prefer typing and printing a hard copy, you’ll go through reams of paper faster than you realize. Whatever it is you use a lot of, be sure to stock up on it when you can get it for a good price.

Organization and Storage

It’s difficult to have a business run smoothly from an office that’s cluttered or disorganized. Often, organization is something the person in the office imposes on whatever available space and storage they have.  But it isn’t always the case to clients and outside viewers as they know that there are available resources to utilize. If you’re the kind of person who prefers a cleaner, everything-in-its-place look office, you should look into some sort of organization and storage facilities. There are many varieties of organizational trays, filing cabinets, accordion folders and more you can use to keep things tidy. Even if you don’t use them all that often, it can be a good way to archive things that you’re finished with, but want to keep a record of for a while.


Hardware and software are both something that people generally have ready access to nowadays. But there’s a difference between consumer-grade tech and enterprise-grade tech. If you’re planning to try growing your business to any significant size, security is something you’re going to have to consider. Keep that in mind as you look for technology now—is the hardware or software something that you can get for a good price, something that’s easy to use and something that you’ll be able to use as part of a bigger IT environment?

Setting up an office can be an exciting new adventure if you’re prepared for it. But if you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t have all the tools you need, you’ll find that you’re extremely unprepared to be your own boss. You can also go into printing companies in Stamford and tell them what kind of office you’re setting up—they might have some good advice for you. But remember, as long as you feel comfortable working in the office, that’s what really matters.


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