Tapping Technology To Reduce Your Overheads

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By : Brittany Thorley

technologyIn order to improve profitability, most businesses resort to cutting costs.  Small to medium-sized companies can utilize new technologies that are available in the market to boost their bottom line.  Certainly, there are variety of ways to cut costs company-wide using the available new technologies and resources. 

Let us take a look at four ways by which technology can be tapped to reduce your company overheads . . . . .

1. Take advantage of the latest accounting software

Managing accounts can be a minefield to most business owners.  However, there are excellent and affordable software packages that can save you time and money, such as those which address your billings to clients and invoicing your customers.

Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing is a great way to gain better visibility of your company’s accounts. Manual and paper-based processes can often leave business owners with reams of paperwork. Tapping this automated approach can make your accounts receivable and accounts payable more transparent and organized. Electronic invoicing unlocks a number of savings for your business as it gets rid of time-consuming procedures such as data entry, filing, printing, mailing and archiving.

2. Use Cloud computing to manage and store data

The Cloud provides a cost-effective and efficient way to store, manage and access data for businesses of all sizes. However, many small businesses still don’t realize the benefits of switching to Cloud computing.

cloud_computing1The Cloud allows you to access data, files and applications over the Internet.  It offers unlimited storage, reduced hardware costs and lower utilities for a flat-rate monthly fee. For businesses that do not have in-house IT support, the Cloud can store your company data securely without the need for installation, updates or maintenance.

3. Reduce travel with video conferencing

For a number of organizations, the discomfort and cost of employees travelling out of the office to meet clients and customers face-to-face can place a real burden on business finances and disrupt your office infrastructure. However, with VoIP services such as Skype and Vonage, you can cut travel costs without losing this personalized approach. Many video conferencing services enable your staff to communicate directly with customers or clients from home or office; and some are even free-of-charge.

VoIP services can also be used to cut your telecommunications costs as maintaining a traditional phone system is more expensive.  For a low monthly fee, you can increase communication, cultivate flexibility and reduce costs with VoIP services.  VoIP can be implemented into a number of devices, from mobile and landline phones to laptops, desktop computers and tablet devices; thus, making your customer service staff more accessible to your customers.

4. Invest in devices that complement your business needs

Many consumer-grade devices do not match the requirements of the average business. In most cases, specialist technology can provide a shortcut to reduced overheads, improved productivity and better customer service.

For industrial and commercial organizations in particular, the use of rugged devices can offer excellent advantages and dramatically reduce costly repairs or replacements in the coming weeks, months or years. Rugged devices offer tougher technology in more extreme environments. Field-based services, in particular, can profit from improved data collection and lower inventory costs.


This post was written by Brittany Thorley from Steatite Rugged Systems. Brittany regularly blogs across the web to help businesses harness the right technology solutions for them.


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