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By : Hugh Swift

business_processExperts often draw comparisons between an organization’s ‘business processes’ and its ‘strategic assets!’  Search CIO defines ‘Business Process Management’ (BPM) as “a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.” Institutes providing ‘Business Process Management’ certification also attempt to simplify the subject. In their opinion, business processes need to be correctly assessed, appropriately managed and constantly bettered- in order to deliver products and services, that satisfy customers!

This is the reason why, the highly specialized sphere of ‘Business Process Management ’has come to be! ‘Business Process Management’ certification is provided to those training in the field. It enables them to run business processes in a more professional and efficient manner. Given below are some  ‘Business Process Management’ tips- that can help organizations reduce costs; minimize errors; and optimally utilize resources!

Research and Understand the Subject of Business Process Management 

According to PROCESSpedia BPM Community - “An excellent place to start is by reading the blogs or websites” providing information on business process management. “There are also online training courses and seminars, and many BPM software packages,” that help one understand BPM (Business Process Management) better, it states.

‘Search CIO’ in an article titled- How to organize and train your staff for BPM project success -indicates that this is a “business-driven initiative that is supported by a technology solution”. Therefore, it is imperative that IT project managers receive  ‘Business Process Management’ training /certification on, not only, technology solutions; but also, on understanding the needs of the business sponsor and on which process improvements can offer the most value. 

Start with Your Own Business Process Management Team

office_trendsDiscussing the subject of ‘Business Process Management’ training /certification further, the ‘Search CIO’ article observes: “The first step in setting up a BPM program is determining who’s going to lead it. In most organizations, it works best when BPM is a business-driven initiative with IT support. A position such as vice president of BPM or process is often created to lead BPM. This position is often at the same level as the CIO, and both executives report to a company executive like the CEO.” In this regard, Clay Richardson, a senior analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge- believes that- “This is the ideal setup…You don’t want the CIO squashing budget because he doesn’t understand the project from a process perspective.”

Decide on Which ‘Business Management Process’ You Want to Improve First

When providing ‘Business Process Management’ training / certification, the next stage is “… to decide on the first process you want to improve. It should be a small one at first so it’s manageable, but not so small as to go by unnoticed. After all, if you’re looking to roll out a BPM strategy across an entire organization you need to first prove that BPM is going to work for your business. Once you’ve identified which process you’re going to improve, you need to ensure that every area that’s going to be affected by the changes is committed to improving it,” suggests

Befriend Technology in Business Management Process

Those providing ‘Business Process Management’ training / certification, highlight the important role that technology plays here! “Using BPM software to help you with mapping, analyzing and tracking your process can be a godsend when you’re getting started and once you’re up and running. Keeping everything in one place with a process repository allows for easier analysis and makes it easy to share material across the whole organization,” declares ‘’

“The point of Business Process Management training/certification is to improve the way people work. Despite all of the conveniences that technology brings to the workplace, it shouldn’t be seen as a crutch to take care of every issue that may crop up,” Avishai Sam Bitton cautions on



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