Top 5 College Paths For Business-Focused Individuals

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By : James SP


careersIf you’re business minded and want to work in either a corporate or entrepreneurial environment, there are fortunately a wide variety of college business programs available to equip you with the key skills and experience needed to get that initial “foot in the door”.

Setting up your own business or getting hired into a top corporation are by no means easy feats, but going down one of these 5 college paths should help you start off on the right track:

  1. Entrepreneurship Major 

Many colleges and universities now offer the entrepreneurship major, which is perfect for anyone that views themselves as a budding entrepreneur. These majors will typically cover key entrepreneurship fundamentals such as how to start a company from the ground up, how to effectively manage others and how to both seek out and gain new clients. Consider this nontraditional college major if you’re virtually certain you want to go down the entrepreneurial route and this is where your professional passion truly lies. 

  1. Law School

Once you’ve graduated from your undergraduate program, law school may be a good next step if you’re business minded and are also interested in practicing law. Many law schools will allow you to focus on a business-focused law practice, such as corporate law. In addition to this, many of the country’s top law schools offer joint JD-MBA program which allows enrollees to graduate with both a master of business administration and Juris Doctor. Definitely consider these options if you’re serious about law and business, as they offer a truly win-win academic opportunity.

  1. Business Administration Major lady_accountant

If you’re at undergraduate level, another excellent undergraduate major choice is business administration. An undergraduate business administration program will introduce you to the key principles of how a business functions, how to create one from scratch and how to excel within the general business world. You will also learn how to present pitches and speeches clearly and effectively and how to professionally present yourself in a business environment. Ideal for anyone that is brand new to business, this major should prepare you for entry level business-related positions post graduation.

  1. Marketing Major

A huge component to succeeding in business is knowing how to effectively market oneself. You could be the most talented person in your field, but if you don’t know how to get the message out there, you likely won’t reach your full potential. However, a marketing major will teach you how to market not only yourself but also how to market your company and your clients. You will learn how to successfully market products, concepts and companies to target audiences and graduate with a solid understanding of how marketing operates in our society. For anyone that wants to know how to successfully market and promote their work, this major is a great way to start.

  1. Master of Business Administration

Getting an MBA is one of the most popular and traditional routes that many aspiring businessmen and businesswomen take. A master of business administration goes into business functionality and success on a much more significant and deeper level than the business administration undergraduate major. Students will have the opportunity to focus on a particular business emphasis, which will allow them to graduate as relative experts in that chosen field. Another huge benefit of completing an MBA is that it allows you to gain great connections, as you’ll be studying among fellow business minded and motivated people and gain powerful connections through your professors and networking events.

Consider one of the above college paths if you’re serious about going into business. Good luck!


This article was written by James SP.  James is a businessman with a deep interest in entrepreneurship and startups.  He enjoys reading and writing about the exploding startup scene.


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    Students will have the opportunity to focus on a particular business emphasis, which will allow them to graduate as relative experts in that chosen field.

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