Trademark Registration Is Imperative For Your Company Brand

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By : Jitendra Consulting

trademarkSo, you have floated a company. Congratulations first! However, do note that as long as you register your trademark with the system, your company is only hypothetical in papers. Along with the registration number, the quintessential ™ is like a fortifying sign of your uniqueness. As long as you are not setting up the official trademark, your intellectual properties are at the risk of theft.

Just licensing is insufficient

Enforce complete integrity of your services by putting up a valid trademark. It defines your brand attitude and keeps you legally safe from any threat of intellectual theft. Stealing of ideas is actually more harmful than thieving on things. Products and services are all first in the idea phase. When somebody steals your intellectual property, the core strength of the service is at stake.

Ensure full protection

Leave all the hassles aside and find a winner service. Your company is like your personal Olympus! It is almost a sacred place, so to say, for many. Secure your heaven from prying thieves who may as well enter, grab your core energy, and claim your Olympus as his! trademark1Nothing like this should happen ever! Make sure that it does not happen. Imprint your fortifying seal of the ™ in every single bit and piece of concept executed by you.

Metaphors aside, the trademark also offers the legal validation for signing a memorandum of agreement with another service. The MOU is totally the most valuable. All great things start with MOU.  The first agreement defines the next course of action on executing the plan of progress. Your trademarked logo or tagline is going to define the partnership, in name and action.

Definition of exclusivity

It indicates that the owner now has full legal rights on the company. Trademarks also allow the right to confer. However, it is actually very rare to confer a trademarked sign. The top companies do not even think of it! Their only consideration is to develop the next big idea and mark it with exclusivity before putting into market application. The two alphabets T and M are essentially equivalent to embossed branding on gold bullion! It is that valuable.

Make your mark in Dubai!

Many Indian companies also consider starting business at the gulf. Just having an Indian trademark will not be enough if you focus on a gulf office. It is definitely in the safest interest to find a competent service that can register your Trademark Registration in Dubai. The emirates present multiple excellent business opportunities. Companies can benefit from friendly laws guarding their confidentiality and extensive tax advantages of operating from a free zone. In a Dubai free zone, a company does not even have to pay income tax or export duties!

Look up a competent agency because the law requires it. You cannot apply for licensing by yourself in UAE. The agency has to make all arrangements. Find whether the service is aware of all aspects. Check whether the company is aware of the full stipulations of Federal Law Number 37, issues 1992, and its subsequent revisions. See if the service is aware of priorities according to the Paris convention.  Discuss documentation and other requirements with a good company to proceed and fortify your Trade Mark.


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