What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

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business_cardYou’ve just met someone at a conference, trade show, or company lunch, and you would like to do business with her in the future. You leave her with your business card. Will it get pushed to the bottom of her pile—or worse—thrown away? Or will she save it and pull it out next time she’s looking for someone in your line of work? Will she think of you as a memorable problem-solver or a forgettable middle-man? All she has left of you is your business card. What message is it sending?

Are you detail oriented?

Are you creative?

Demonstrating a bit of creativity—even if you are in a less creative field—tells people you can think outside of the box and provide solutions.

Make room for a bit of creativity on your business card. Hire a real graphic designer instead of using a boring template. Consider printing your card on something besides the standard white cardstock. If you want to stick with the traditional white because it makes your card easier to read or because it suits your industry, consider including a pattern. If your card looks like every other card in the stack, it may get lost in the sea of monotony.

business_card1Can you prioritize?

Business cards are small. It may be tempting to cram as much information onto that card as possible, but resist that urge. Instead show potential clients that you know how to prioritize. Your business card should include only the essential information—your name, phone number, email address, and website. The website is particularly important because that is where they can go for more information. Keep your business card simple and to-the-point.  Let people know that you can make the difficult decisions.

Are you courteous?

As mentioned above, a bit of creativity is important, but don’t go overboard. It may be tempting to print your cards in creative shapes, different sizes, or on different material—but think about the person you are giving the card to.

Will an unconventional card be difficult to fit into their wallet? Abiding by conventionally accepted rules shows clients you are courteous; while bold, crazy designs tell clients you are self-centered.

Courtesy is another reason to be judicious about what you include in your card. Cramming a lot of information into a tiny space makes it harder for people to read the information or take their own notes. Leave plenty of white space, choose a font that is legible, and make sure the words are large enough to read without difficulty.

Do you care about quality?

Your business card is a reflection of you, your company, and your work. Don’t print it on cheap thin paper, use a word processing template, or mass print them from the cheapest place you find online. Use quality paper and a unique, professional design to show future clients that you are willing to invest your time and money in doing things right.

Keep the above questions in mind as you choose your business cards. Your card should with the best possible impression of you and your work—make sure it does by getting the details right, demonstrating creativity, and investing in quality.

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