What To Invest In During High Inflation

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Gold&SilverDuring times of high inflation, people often find themselves stuck in between several investment strategies. More often, investors encounter difficulty in choosing among different assets, commodities, securities and bonds to invest in.


Inflation, in laymen’s terms, is basically the percentage rise or increase in the general prices of goods and services within a domestic market or economy, year on year, in a country. No matter how much you or your business have deposited in the bank, it is always important to keep up with inflation and invest accordingly.  The amount you maintain in your bank might not change; but the purchasing power of your money to acquire goods/services could certainly change over time.


As a business owner and investor, you need to be prepared for inflation. When looking to buy gold and silver in today’s market, either option can be a very strong choice when bearing in mind inflation. Gold and silver are types of commodities that tend to rise when other commodities rise.  Thus, they are rarely affected by adverse activities in inflation.  


gold_and_silverTraditionally, gold and silver have always done well in times of recession, or in times when people lose trust in their governments. Hence, wise investors have opted for years to put their money in gold and silver during recession times which are mirrored by high inflation. When these investors become worried about the economy and the value of their money in the bank due to increasing inflation rates, they often view gold and silver as a more safe option.


Like any other investments, investors must conduct research on current market trends.  Hence, when looking to buy gold and silver, it is important to consider the overall trends of the market in recent years, and not just look at the last six months. At the start of the year, Gold and Silver did see a bit of a decrease but, in recent weeks, it looks like they are on the rise again. With an uncertain global market, coupled with governments around the world still struggling to come to terms with the effects of the global market crash, gold and silver are seen, yet again, as the ‘old reliables’ to invest in.


There is another argument though that gold and silver can be classified, at times, as “high risk, high reward investments” if you are putting a substantial amount of your investment portfolio into them.  Hence, it is advisable and wise to only invest what you can afford, and perhaps, only a portion of your money into gold and silver. This way, you can offset any of the losses proportionately on any of your other investments.



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The article is written by a representative of the Troy Ounce who is a professional writer and a member of the company’s marketing department. The Troy Ounce is a full service precious metals trading company located in Burlington, Ontario just west of Toronto, Canada. The Troy Ounce prides themselves on their ability to provide an all-encompassing solution to their customer’s precious metals needs.


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