Why Direct Mail Works for Your Business

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direct_mailDetermining which advertising channels to use for your small business can be a daunting task, with so many avenues and different benefits associated with each. One long-standing approach to take a serious look at is direct mail.

Direct mail marketing has been a popular way to advertise for a long time, and as such, has a strong track record of proven results. There are many pros and benefits that come with direct mail, including:

Flexibility and Scalability: Direct mail allows you to build your campaign from scratch and scale it in a way that works for your business and budget. Direct mail is flexible in everything from the tangible piece that will be designed, printed and mailed out to the target audience that receives the mailer.

Scalability is an important pro of direct mail as it allows you to designate the size and reach of your campaign according to the desired outcome. Scalability also means small businesses can use direct mail with any budget size, big or small, in mind.

Highly Targeted: Direct mail can be tailored down to very specific audiences and recipients, such as:

  • By Location - geographically targeted based on city, county, zip code or other geographic qualifiers
  • By Income - sent to select residences based on household income
  • By Other Demographics – such as gender or age

Printing companies have access to all kinds of mailing databases to help you build your targeted lists.

direct_mail1Cost Effective: Depending upon the quantity of mailers sent out, direct mail can be broken down to cost of cents per piece, making it a cost-effective marketing tool. For example, some printing companies will be able to provide you with a cost breakdown  by the number of mailers printed, so you’ll know the exact cost of each direct mailer.

Customization and Personalization: Direct mail is versatile in the way it can be designed, printed and mailed out. There are many formats and styles to consider that make the end product eye-catching and attention-grabbing when the recipient opens his or her mailbox.

There are printing companies in Cincinnati which can tell you all about the many customization options available. Your mailer can be customized to include the recipient’s name instead of a generic salutation, as well as other personal information.

Great Use of Existing Contact Lists: Direct mail is a great way to use your existing contacts and client lists. For example, direct mail pieces can be developed for previous clients or customers, inviting them to call you again or providing them with a special offer just for returning customers.

Easy to Measure: Measuring the success of direct mail is easy to do and can help you determine the best route to proceed with future advertising or direct mail campaigns. By providing a clear call to action with a unique phone number or URL, you can track how many customer conversions come from a direct mailer. Knowing the response rate also allows you to break down the cost even further and determine the cost per lead or sale.  Based on the number of mailers sent out, you can also determine later how many responded to the call to action and the total revenue from those sales or transactions.


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