Work Environment Issues That Affect Productivity

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By : Diana Smith

off.environmentLagging in productivity happens all the time. If your employees simply have not had enough sleep or ate too much at lunch, you will find them just gazing at the screen with their fingers hovering over the keyboard. Their minds have gone blank because they feel blocked or tired. Besides this internal block of focus, the cause can also come from external factors. It happens due to various workplace issues like in a toxic work environment. Business owners, not workers, are those that need to know what workplace issues lower down their employees’ productivity and how to change them. These adjustments to a working environment can make a big difference.

Noise Reduction

Noise can be a real problem in a collaborative environment. Noise is known to lead to inability to concentrate on work, negative moods, and eventually higher levels of stress. Wearing noise-cancelling devices can help in reducing the noise. They block the office chatter and allow you to get down to business when it comes to doing regular tasks, but not those that require full focus. Business owners can provide a quiet place for their workers where they can go when complete focus is needed. It can reduce noise-related stress, as well as allowing workers to do their jobs from home or providing an enclave right there in the office. Workers should have an alternative when they want to step away from all the chatter, ringing tones, and worker gossip.


The office temperature should be just right. However, what is ‘right’ for some people is not necessarily ‘right’ for others. The fact is that employees are most productive at work when they feel comfortable. If we take few researches into consideration, productivity is at its highest levels when the office temperature is between 70 and 77 degrees. If lower, worker errors in an office are increased.

Safety and Comfort

off-environmentEven though recent studies show that workers should spend between two to four hours standing while at work (so to avoid all the negative effects of long-hour sitting), it is still not widely accepted and only remains a suggestion. In today’s work environment, ergonomics is a real issue. Workers are much more productive when comfortable and safe. A person is more productive and thinks rather clearly when sitting straight up while typing, unlike when sitting hunched over a keyboard.


According to a study conducted at the University of Illinois, workers exposed to more natural light at the office sleep better and longer, have a better quality of life, and are more productive at work than those whose offices are lit only by artificial lighting. If there are no ways for introducing more natural light to the office premises, business owners should consider installing led low bay lights. The LED technology, besides being able to illuminate commercial areas greatly, saves on energy costs and reduces the environmental impact.


It is believed that a color can have a definite impact on one’s mood. Workers’ productivity can be affected by the color of office furniture, floors and walls. For example, white is considered as sterile, neutral and open; red is aggressive and fiery; and yellow is bright, stimulating and cozy. With this in mind, people might experience more hostility if the walls of their office are painted red. Offices are usually painted neutral gray, but that has no positive impact on productivity. Pastel yellow is a good choice for painting the premises where workers have brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas. Green is soothing and calming, while grey is associated with wisdom and intellect. If repainting the walls cannot be done, add a few decorations and paintings that can affect the mood of your employees.

Even small changes like the wall color, less noise, thermostat adjustments, and more natural light can greatly improve the overall productivity in your office. Every serious business owner should research and understand the psychology of an office environment, and how external factors affect our senses.


Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in business technologies and latest marketing strategies.  In her free time, she enjoys reading about latest advertising ideas.


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    Slacking in efficiency happens constantly. On the off chance, you will discover your employees who have not had enough rest or had a lot at lunch, simply looking at the screen with their fingers floating over the console. :)

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